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Thursday, September 24, 2009

We've entered the Scarlet Boa

Scarlet Boa? What's that?

Stella Cameron is holding a best opening scene to a paranormal novel contest.

Click Here for contest Page

For this year's Scarlet Boa Contest, write an impossible-to-ignore opening to a paranormal story. Dynamic words, style and setup can grab an immediate "Yes!" from an editor. Think of your opener as the perfect pitch.

From ten finalists, one winner will be voted on by readers to receive the coveted Scarlet Boa and Award Certificate, and three more writers will each receive an Honorable Mention. One lucky reader/voter, chosen at random during the live Scarlet Boa Winner chat, will also be the winner of their own special boa--color, a surprise! NEWS FLASH!! The winning entry for the Scarlet Boa Contest will be read by Adam Wilson, Editor, MIRA/Harlequin!!!


a. Write an opening scene that introduces your paranormal world
b. Use 1,000 words or less.
c. One entry per individual.

The Scarlet Boa contest is open to published and non-published authors alike. Submit your entry (500-1000 words). We'll accept submissions until September 25th and post them online October 1st.

So... Crossing our fingers and toes...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Moon Trailer

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Set Up

Please excuse the absence of pizzaz while we set up. There’s more to come, we promise. ;)