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Sunday, January 17, 2010

AYR is here!

What do you do when your son has the computer that is hooked up to the internet and won't let you on ? Find another project!!
So that's what I did. I made Keta and I avatars to go with our w.i.p. paranormal book Black Phoenix Rising.

Those are the two warrior-ettes to the left and right, just above our "About Me" sections.

They might be too small to see but they took a little tweaking. Neither of those heads belong to those bodies, lol!

Sometimes a little photoshopping helps to set the mood, to get a visual of each character and see if there's something missing. Rhoswen, the red haired vixen in the header, was the first character we displayed and now I'm also done our next character, hunky winged man, Ayr. (see image above)